FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

Why go on a guided tour?
We have logged thousands of miles exploring the Texas Hill Country to find the best roads and sights. Along the way, we have discovered some of the best experiences that the Hill Country can offer. All of this experience takes the worry out of planning your own trip if you have never been here before.
What is a typical tour day like?
We typically meet at a local breakfast restaurant for a safety briefing. After the introductions and a delicious breakfast, we mount up and begin the day’s adventure. Everyone will be provided with route information so you will be free to ride ahead if you desire. If you decide to go off on your own, we will arrange a meeting place so you can join back up with the tour. We do make occasional stops to take in the views and get to know each other.
Will my bike fit in?
We are open to any style of motorcycle.

All we ask is that you have is a motorcycle comfortable enough to ride the tour without becoming miserable. We will be a good distance from Austin and you don’t want to become too tired before our return.
How much experience should I have?
We will probably cover close to 200-250 miles per day so you should have enough experience to ride this distance without becoming too fatigued.
Can you help be with bike rental?
There is a list of rental companies on our website that you can contact.