3 Day Tour

3 -Day Trip 
IMG_0110This trip will take us deep into the heart of the Texas Hill Country. On the first day, we will leave from Austin in the morning and ride through winding backroads and some charming small towns. Along our way to Kerrville, we will stop at Alamo Springs Cafe for some mouth-watering burgers. After spending the night in Kerrville, we will spend the morning playing on the infamous Twisted Sisters. (NOTE: These are not for the beginning rider and do not have much in the way of guard rails)These are the most sought after roads in the Texas Hill Country. The Sisters twist and turn over canyons and jagged cliff faces. There is one section in which there are 65 curves in only 15 miles. If you like scenic panoramic views, then make sure to bring your camera. It is a wild ride that you will not soon forget! After spending the vast majority of the day on the 3 Sisters, we will go to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. On our second night we will remain in Kerrville and return to Austin the following morning.
3 Day Tour–$395.00