Half Day Tour

Texas Info:


Texas is the largest state in the United States (except for Alaska, but dear God, don’t say that out loud). Texas pride is overwhelming and you will frequently notice that the Texas flag is flown at the same height as the US Flag. From 1836 to 1845,  Texas was actually its’ own sovereign nation and according to most Texans it still is! 
The Texas Hill Country was formed by the Balcones Fault about 300 million years ago. The end results of this geological event are seen in the dramatic canyons, soft hills, and jagged rock features that make up the area. The Texas Hill Country is often called “Tuscany in Texas”. If you have ever been to Tuscany, you will instantly see the resemblance.  Along the way, you will see some lovely live oak trees, prickly pears, and if you are lucky, maybe even an armadillo. 
What I Love about Riding in the Texas Hill Country!
  “I love the smooth sweeping curves, ever changing views, the rocky hillsides and the overlooks into the valleys.” –Kevin Siebert
Half-Day Tour
We all operate on different schedules and some of us only have a half day to tour the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. This trip was made with you in mind. We will leave Austin mid-morning and head South through the quaint town of Wimberly,TX.  As we continue our Southern course, we will take ride over the “Devil’s Backbone”.
After our twisty ride over the Devil’s Backbone, we will stop for lunch at the Gristmill restaurant in Gruene, TX.  Gruene (which means Green in German) is pronounced simply as “green”, by locals. The Gristmill is an 1870’s cotton gin on the banks of the Guadalupe River. Across the street from the Gristmill is the most famous Dancehall in all of Texas. A scene from the movie “Michael” with John Travolta was actually filmed here. Stepping inside the Dancehall, you won’t see any shirtless, chain-smoking angels, but you will see quite a bit of Texas music history on the walls. Country singer George Strait began his career here. There is one last building of interest in Gruene, an old time General Store with some anachronistic paraphernalia inside. After that, we will shoo the chickens and cats away from our bikes and head back to Austin via the scenic River Road.
Half-Day Tour–$150.00