Born to an automotive family in Shelbyville,IN, Kevin Siebert has spent his entire life around cars and motorcycles. A life long gear-head, Kevin has been fascinated with automotive machines since he could walk. He fondly remembers riding his first motorcycles around his grandfather’s farm at the age of 10. Most of his child and early adulthood was spent drag racing funny cars or helping out with the family Chevrolet business. In 1980, Kevin Siebert became one of the youngest Chevy dealers in the country. During this time, Kevin won many racing awards, including National Champion NHRA Drag Racer in the alcohol funny car class.

After having devoted much of his life to the family car business, Kevin decided to pursue a career in commercial aviation. Siebert was an airline captain for 23 years. In the Summer of 2010, Kevin and his wife Sharon decided to move to the Texas Hill Country. Since moving there, Kevin has ridden thousands of miles throughout the Texas Hill Country. He has participated in many workshops, rallies, and advanced riding schools. Among those include the California Superbike School, the Rider’s Workshop, and I-BMW rallies through Big Bend National Park. The Texas Hill Country offer’s some of the most breath-taking and unique views in the North America. It also is home to some of the best BBQ and Tex-Mex in the world.

Years of captaining aircraft have given Kevin the skills to make very methodical and detailed trips. At the end of the day, we all want to obtain that sweet escape on our bike, a little bit of adventure, and a generous helping of some damn good BBQ.