10 Tips for Your Motorcycle Riding Experience

    Riding motorcycles in the Texas Hill Country could be one of the most pleasant ways to spend a day. However, you must do a little preparation to tour safely and protect yourself from an unplanned stay out in the middle of nowhere. Most of these tips are common sense but bear repeating:

  1. Riders should be properly licensed and have completed some instruction such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider’s course or some comparable instruction. While most of the roads in the Hill Country are smooth with nice sweeping curves, some are definitely not for beginners.

  2. Proper attire is important. While there are many different ideas about proper attire, my personal recommendation is ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Even on 100 degree days a mesh jacket is preferable to a t-shirt. Always wear a helmet goes without saying. Also wear a jacket, pants, boots and gloves that are designed for motorcycling.

  3. Your tires are the only thing between your bike and the road, so make sure they are properly inflated and have good life left in them. Remember, the last 30% of tread goes 30% faster. Also, carry a tire repair kit to help get you back to civilization in case of a flat. I don’t know about you, but my back tire is a nail magnet.

  4. Always keep water with you. It gets hot in Texas, especially in the summer with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees. You don’t want to be caught with bike trouble by the side of the road for hours with no water. A simple inconvenience can turn into a life-threatening situation in short order.

  5. Not every small town on the map has gas. Don’t ride around on empty.

  6. If riding alone, make sure someone knows where you plan to ride and when you should return.

  7. Stay on the road. Most of the scenic riverbanks and scenic drives are through private property. The landowners take a dim view of trespassers.

  8. Carry some cash. Not everyone takes credit cards.

  9. Cell phones don’t always have reception in the hills. Consider a satellite-based form of communication such as the Spot Tracker.

  10. Make sure to bring a camera to capture some of the scenery and keep great memories for yourself.


Be safe and have fun!

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